Sunday, July 1, 2012


we have been getting rain! No no, not enough to get the ark out but enough to have that wonderful smell of rain in the air.

i have a nose for smelling things and i can smell rain coming before the sky turns dark and the drops start to fall. i call it a gift,  husband just gives me that funny look.

i have always since a child loved summer rain showers\storms.
and i grew up on tornado alley in chicago!
chicago being out on the great plains of the US gets some incredible thunder  storms. the kind that one can hear the thunder rolling in an hour before it is actually overhead.
oh, the anticipation of that storm would well up inside of me like waiting for christmas morning.

i talked to my sister yesterday who lives in chicago and she said she has been waiting for a good rolling thunder storm to come in. she likes to sit on her covered porch in a rocking chair and feel the moisture in the air build up while listening to the thunder rolling miles outside the city.
as the symphony of thunder  builds and the lightening strikes gets closer the goose bumps on her arms rise up so the fine hairs are moving in the breeze. 
oh i can feel it , my stomach gets tight with the thought of that kind of a storm.

we do not get rolling thunder storms here in colorado. i guess we are too close to the mountains and our big rain storms are far apart from one another.

 i contend myself with small showers and have learned to enjoy them. for me it means, if it rains for longer than five minutes i do not need to water the

last thursday we had a fitting sewing evening.
the girls had picked out a skirt pattern.

so each cut their own out of" pattern making fabric".
i'm not sure what this paper stuff is really called but it worked great!
after cutting out their guess-ta-mada size, i pinned and fitted the pattern to them individually.

looking at other sewing books getting those sewing juices flowing.
why is it that when sewing on one project we are always thinking of the next sewing possibility.
i do this all the time, have more projects in my head than time to complete.
wish i could say "than fabric to complete",
but if you have read about my "one butt sewing room " here you know what i'm talking about.
my girls have mentioned that this room is their inheritance.
imagine that...a fabric room, an inheritance.
well that room would describe a large part of me!

this is a slow process for us as the girls can only cut one at a time
and i can only fit one of them at a time.

but patience is a virtue and they seem to have plenty to talk about.
we completed the fittings and all agreed that sunday at 5pm we would start the sewing!
can't wait to see the fabric each one picked out, 
almost as exciting as waiting for a rolling thunder storm!


Kyle said...

No rain at my house. I guess I live on the wrong side of town!

Alica said...

I'm glad you're getting rain!! Has there been any rain in CO Springs or Boulder?

Bonnie said...

I love the smell of rain even better than the rain. What fun to have a girls sewing day. Can't wait to see the finished skirts.


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