Saturday, July 28, 2012


i spent a large part of the cool morning in the garden. 
i had beans to pick and even a hand full of peas :)
also their was plenty of weeding needing to be done. 
as one can see the beans a thriving !
i put in two full beds of beans, mainly  to put up for the winter stew months.
we love green beans here and as with tomatoes can hardly stand the cardboard taste of store bought beans.

this morning i picked a basket of beans, the rest of the lettuce and to my complete joy
the first two red tomatoes !
what a treat ;)

garden tomatoes for us is like eating in heaven.
the sweetness, juicy, meaty homegrown fruits of loveliness is worth the wait.
and no, oh no, they are not sliced and put with anything else. the first tomatoes are eaten all by themselves.

i also picked the first zucchini.
medium size, great for shredding and freezing.
i can use shredded zucchini in breads, cakes and tomato sauce, { adds an extra vitamin punch }

i do have two sunflower plants way back in the corner.
sunflowers make me smile every time i see one.
they are my happy flowers,
a ray of golden sun !

i put in a total of three squash plant, three different squash plants.
at least that's what i remember thinking i planted.
sometimes my garden is a surprise for me. 
i'm not great at marking things, { it's that organizational thing } takes too much time
so i get surprises when it is time to harvest some plants.
i have never been disappointed yet in my gardening career.

marigolds are such a simple sweat flower, and gardens love them.
marigolds help with bugs that are not helpful to our vegetable plants.
i'm not keen on spraying anything on the garden,
something that has caused many a conversations between mr.p. and myself.

eric is not a marigold fan, i think it may be his least favorite flower plant.
but i figure if our fore- fathers/mothers used these beauties in their gardens, well that is enough for me.
they must be helpful, plus they add some color.

 bean beds.

all this weeded goodness will go into the compost bin to make good organic stuff, that will go back on the garden beds next spring.
it is all in that life cycle theory.....

i have several knitting projects going too.
and i hope to get in some sewing today.
my sewing mojo is really in the tank, and i have no idea why !
i look at quilting pictures every day on pinterest and my heart swells with their beauty,
but i just can't seem to get to the fabric and the sewing machine.
today maybe today i will be moved in that direction.

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Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful harvest! Nothing tastes better when you grow your own. And so much fun too!

:) Carolyn

Jen said...

What a beautiful garden you have!!! You also reminded me I should go get some marigolds. I'm not too keen on spraying either. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. I love their bright faces!

Cary said...

My daughter planted one lone sunflower and it grew to be about 2feet tall. We were so excited about its possibilities until the dog ran over it and broke it in two. There were tears, but we vowed to try again!

Your garden is beautiful! Congrats on those delicious tomatoes- my favorite!

Cary said...

Honestly- all I did with my tomatoes was slice them, coat them in onion ring batter, and fry them in olive oil! They were delicious!

I water the garden every day, our water bill has gone up drastically. But it's worth it. I'm looking into rain barrels, but we don't have rain gutters so I would have to get some installed.

Kyle said...

You've done a great job! I've harvested some tomatoes already and there's nothing better.

Terrie Sandelin said...

Your garden is amazing! I haven't been able to rouse any quilting mojo lately either. Perhaps sometimes we just need an extended time away to let the well refill . . .

Family Farmer said...

Looks delish! Love the photo of your produce on the stool!

meghann said...

Oh, I love your garden! So much goodness in there… xo


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