Friday, July 20, 2012


my work day starts fairly early.
up by 4:30 to be at the hospital any where from 6-7:00 depending on what i am doing that day.
charging i like to be there by 6:15, robots by 6am , 7 am room time well then i need to be in the room by 6:30 and if i'm real lucky, sometimes but rarely i have a 7:30 start so i can stroll in leisurely at 6:53.
yes you read that time correctly 6:53.
i have no idea who thinks these times up, i just follow the rules...( at least i try real hard to abide by the rules).

coffee, toast and two 3 minute eggs for the
 ride to work.
yes i can multitask :)

a cup of morning coffee, a little reading, and the thought," i really need to clean off this drop zone this afternoon ".

my OR hats all cleaned and fresh to go to work with.
what hat mood am i in today....the choices!
i wore the red one.

one of the best not to mention fun nurse to work with.
we had the best room in the joint , hehe.

an open OR room

weather permitting i eat outside away from the OR.
i need a few minutes of quiet to rejuvenate for the afternoon push to get my room finished.
and today the best case is yet to be started.

after lunch a couple more hours in the OR and then i go home and feel like wilted lettuce.
the older i get the less energy i have after work and the heat here is not helping:(
but that is what a work day in my life looks like,
thought you might want to know :D


Julie said...

what a fun variety of work hats!!

Alica said...

I like your OR hats too...what fun! Wilted that's an apt description for how one feels after a long day! Hope you are well!

Bonnie said...

I remember long Nursing days. It's hard, hard, physical and emotional work. I haven't worked in an OR for many many years but I have such respect for you. You always have to be alert and on your guard. Put your feet up and have a good weekend.


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