Monday, July 2, 2012


i believe i like sewing class on sunday afternoon. we start earlier, finish earlier then have a little time on the back porch to drop the shoulders, start some giggles and talk.
soon we are going to have a pie making class.
gotta love that!

cutting out our pattern,
using store bought fabric.

pre-ironing fabric before cutting,
{ only when needed }

oh yes now we are off and sewing our seams together. 

a partially done skirt,
the zipper and bottom of skirt is all this girl needs to compete...
but that is the next class,
getting late and i made the rule no refreshments till 7:30pm.

she is ready for a break.
this class to be continued next sunday at 3pm.

hope to have some pictures soon of my sewing project...
yes, you read that correctly,
i think our grandmothers, great grandmothers had the right idea wearing bloomers under their skirts,
functional and no need for nylony slips.
will let you know how these turn out.
oh and i plan to put some crochet edging on the pant legs to boot!


Angie said...

You know what, Eileen? I think it would super fun to leave close enough to you to hang out at your house with your clan. :) You are a SUPER Homemaker. :)

Kyle said...

I love the fact that your teaching your daughter and her friends some fun and great homemaking skills. Great job!


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