Wednesday, June 26, 2013


i haven't posted for yarn along it seems for ages !
i'm not sure what i have been doing the last several weeks
but i have been busy.
the past 3 days i have plowed through these 2 books----
great reads!
i have one more to read then off for more at the library :)
when i find really good reads , nothing and i mean nothing else happens till i finish the entire book.
i've been looking some time for a good read and Craig Johnson fits the bill,
intriguing, funny and i "just can't put them down" kinda read.

tomorrow i will be carding all 4 pounds of this fleece at a friends place, ( she has a drum carder )...
yippie !
will let you know how it goes.
i'm pretty excited but
i have to finish the third book today...sooooo

see ya later !
happy yarning and reading!


elizabeth said...

hope the carding goes well!

steph said...

and I love love love finding a new (to me) author, so I can delve into book after book after book!!!!! happy reading.....can you card and read at the same time??

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

Your fleece is beautiful. And having a drum carder to use is so nice. What fun to read and read and read. So good to find a good book series.

karen said...

I love finding really really really good reads! Makes life fun :)


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