Friday, June 21, 2013


that is debbie bliss
their was a time that i was in love with debbie bliss, her patterns and yarn -i loved it all.
not any more !
why on a skein of 82m is there at least one knot - that is how debbie joins her yarn....ugh.
and i have had skeins with debbie's awful joining technique that has two joining knots if not three knots....
what- debbie i thought you were a knitter ! 
well for the price i can get better yarn with no knots from a different designer than debbie bliss.
so no more from here on- i will no longer spend a dime on debbie bliss yarn....i'm done!

i'v been knitting MAUDE with a debbie bliss 100% cotton. the yarn is incredibly soft and the color perfect for me. Maude is a mindless knit, [ my kind of knitting ]
but with all the knots in the joining of the yarn- done by debbie not me has made this knit frustrating.
i have had to frog back several times to ensure that the KNOTS stay in the back of the garment
because they want to to be front and center. 
now i am not the worlds best knitter but i'm not blind either and knots migrating to the front of the garment.....
well it just ruins the entire over all look !
so as i said earlier----no more debbie bliss yarn! 

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