Monday, June 17, 2013


the past week was a time for me to catch up and finish some projects that were hanging around for too long. sometimes when projects are soooo close to be being done i can't muster the energy to finish that last little bit. but when the finish it up mojo does come on- i move and can finish up several projects !
oh, does that ever leave a good feeling in my heart.

my garden is not doing great, disappointment plus,
but what is one harvest in a gardner's life?
i need to keep this all in perspective and learn any gardening lessons that present themselves.
i'm still wondering how healthy my soil is. i know it is far better this summer than the past summers but i was expecting better yields this year.
i used few GMO seeds, mainly heritage seeds and i'm not sure if their germination rates are lower or am i doing something wrong. 
oh well back to the books.............

i finished a " modern quilt " 
new for me.
i prefer traditional quilts but their is something appealing  about negative space in some modern quilts. one of the attractions for me is the machine quilting opportunities.
i love lots of quilting in quilts and modern quilts are quilted heavily and very uniquely. 
i'm happy with this simple modern quilt. i really like all the straight lines and that grey fabric is so wonderful, the printed fabric is sweetwater- a favorite designer.

and finally "harvest moon" is being blocked. i will be starting another harvest moon very soon for daughter #2....she like green !

hope your weekend was peaceful yet productive :)


Kyle said...

Love your modern quilt. You might be heading off in a whole new direction.

karen said...

I love your modern quilt that purple-blue fabric is so lovely! You are talented in ways that I envy :)


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