Wednesday, June 12, 2013


all that fiber i bought at the Wool Festival in Estes Park, well i started cleaning it today.
my instructions from the owner of " betty " was to fill a cooler with hot water and put half the fleece in the cooler, close the lid and let soak for an hour or two.
then empty water, refill with hot water and a little dawn soap-
let soak an hour or two.
empty water again
only to refill with hot water for the rinse. let soak an hour or two.
let the cooler drain 
then pick up the wool and let dry on a " sunny back porch ".
will let you know how it all turns out later.....

here is the cake i spun up using a merino and silk blend, [ also from the Wool Festival ],
it came to 90 grams.
i really need to get a yardage counter and soon.
i will turn this beauty into a dew drop cowl.
a free pattern i found on ravelry.
hopefully casting on later today.

my sister MM highly recommended farmacology to me , and thus far i am really enjoying it. i think it should be a course in medical school.
medicine seems to treat only symptoms these days and not the whole person. oh i do not put all the blame on medicine,  after all it is what we have asked our physicians to do.
if you doubt this fact just look at how " family medicine" is becoming a thing of the past. yes along with the days that doc's made home visits...[ i know i have just aged myself but if you do not believe that at one time it was the norm for the doctor to visit a sick family member in the home....get a history book. it's true! the thought being why would anyone bring a contagious person out into a public waiting room.]
any way it is a good read- well worth your time!

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karen said...

I must be younger, I've never had a doctor visit at home ;) I think we have to be our own advocates with our life and our health. The book looks interesting and I'll give it a flip through when I see it! Happy wool washing day :)

Bonnie said...

I remember having our family doctor visit us at home and we didn't live in the country either. I grew up a city girl. I'm 57 so it wasn't that long ago.....was it? (Please, please say "'re not old"). Lie if you have too. I'm going to check out this book.

Alisa said...

oh my good luck with your fleece! That is on my list of want to learn how to do! I love your beautiful handspun it will make a great cowl!


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