Sunday, June 30, 2013


i have been carding the fleece in every spare moment i 
is she not just so white and fluffy?
i just want to lay my head down in this cloud of softness and take a long nap!
after i'm done carding, i will start dying all this fleece-dry it and then start spinning her on my majestic wheel-----thank you eric! [ for knowing almost 20 years ago how much i would enjoy a spinning wheel ]
thank you jill for teaching me how to card and loaning me you carder ;)

we have been busy over the week end with me working and eric cleaning up the yard,
thanks sweetie!
it was also eric's birthday and father's day celebration as well as caitlin's birthday celebration.
we kinda run late with the parties for honoring family members.
[one year i even forgot my youngest 16th that was bad and am still paying for that one in yearly reminders]. 
last evening we had a small family dinner of slow cooked ribs, homemade slaw, garden grown salad with homemade dressing, it was all
spent a lovely evening on the back deck surrounded by flowers , memories and good laughs !
thanks gang i treasure those dinners!

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karen said...

how fluffy and it looks so so soft! I bet you are going to be in heaven while spinning it.


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