Saturday, June 22, 2013


see all that great lanolin? it's on the left side of the pic. handling the fiber i needed no lotion on my hands all day.
not sure what the darker yucky stuff is
nope and i don't want to know.

i purchased a merino fleece when i was at the wool festival in estes park this year.
i have often stood in these booths just wanting but unsure if i would be up for all the stages of cleaning, combing, spinning dying and then knitting with the end product.
this year the owner of "betty"spent time walking me through the process that i ended up with a HUGE bag of " betty the sheep".
cleaning was easy, a little smelly but fun!
i used a cooler and hot hot water. the process took 3 rinses and several days of drying.
next week i will be carding the wool with a friends drum carder.
then i get to dye the fibers------how exciting is that?
oh, all the possibilities !!!


Alica said...

Sounds like a fun project! I'll bet your hands felt so good while you were working with the fleece!

Bonnie said...

I can't wait to see more on what you do with this fleece. It's so interesting.

karen said...

so beautiful! Cannot wait to see it spun up :)


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