Tuesday, June 11, 2013


what's been going on?
a little of this and a little of that.

spent 5 days in Rocky Mountain Park
and it was lovely !
i do not think the park has been that green in years.
a lush green that was hard to take my eyes off.
the trees were green, not that horrible brown from beetle kill.
between all the fires last summer and the forrest service cutting down beetle kill pine the forrest is coming back and it's 
green again!

saturday i spent in estes park at the wool festival.
i came home [ to our trailer, parked in RMP ]
with 2 skeins of yarn and about 61/2 pounds of fiber to spin.
41/2 pounds being in the the form of a fleece!
what was i thinking ?
i have never prepared a fleece for spinning, but this was irresistible--so soft, off white and very oily.
and i even have the name of the sheep it was from.....yes i have a name and a connection to this fiber.
weird i know but it was a selling point for me for some strange reason.

on the spool above i spun some merino and silk---
it is lovely.
i have the project picked out for this yarn.....

well that is some of where and what i have been doing.
that and working !
guess it is time for me to get some needed chores done around here.
the usual---laundry, floors, bathrooms and yes some cooking.
i'm all ready wanting to go back to RMP. 

what is new in your world?


Alica said...

This would be a lovely time to be at the park...I was there when I was 10...it's time for another visit! Sounds like you had a nice time.

And you spin, too?! That must be fun, to create not only the neat projects that you do, but the yarn as well!

Andee said...

I'm lucky to get to knit from my parents alpacas. I love having the connection with the animals when I think of what to make next. Your spinning looks fantastic and oh that yarn looks so yummy. Good luck with the fleece.

karen said...

Well what an outing and what lovely presents to bring home!! Gorgeous photos and have fun spinning :)


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