Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have been a busy girl around here and under not such great conditions !
Am putting on the finial touches on above quilt, more on this tomorrow.

Found some old acrylic yarn in my store [ sewing room ], and am making another crochet blanket, this one for the puppies.

They loved the last one and were always in it. 
Well they shed too much and Sam had a little "lemonade" accident on it.
He gets soo excited to see us he will sometimes make " lemonade", then he won't even look at us, he is so embarrassed.
Wool blankets that can't be wash and dried in the machine are not for puppies,
so they will be getting this dog friendly blanket.

I love bokeh and my friend Julie does a beautiful job getting it just right.
Me, I try and I get this. Love the picture but not the effect I am looking for.
Practice practice is all I can do and will do !
So why are things not under the best conditions around here.
My back again is out of whack.
Not just a little, but more so everyday.
If my leg is not on "fire" it is tingling or sleeping.
Glad some part of my body is getting rest.
I have some "anticonvulsant"drug to help calm the nerves down,
however it calms down all the nerves in my entire body. 
Talk about feeling like Gumby.
Mr. P ask if he was going to get a hug and I said:" sure just pick up my arms and wrap them around you".
I have to get to January then I can get another  Epidural Steroid Injection.
Love, love those things !!
Getting older is not for the weak at heart.
The good news is every morning I wake up stiff or even hurting I know I am still on the planet.
Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!


Julie said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well. Thanks for the compliment and the link. Hope you can hang in there without too much more discomfort.

Angie said...

Absolutely precious post, even in though you're not feeling your best...can I go with you for some steroid shots??? ;) I agree wholeheartedly that getting older is NOT for the faint of heart! LOL BTW, would you mind sharing your snail mail addy with me? I have an adorable card I would love to send to you...I'm just sayin' we can use all the 'smiles' we can get, right??? :D (On a serious note, I do hope you're feeling better soon) Hugs and Blessed Bee


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