Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas was a three day experience at my home this year.
On Monday we were still opening presents because my youngest had to work all of Christmas weekend.

We enjoyed a lovely slow day of opening gifts and eating more food.
Mr.P and I were done with cooking so we decided to all go out for dinner.
Great idea!
Let someone else serve and then the best; clean up!
It was a lovely Christmas 
but am glad the new year is around the corner.

I am anxious to get started on my list of projects.
1. Putting together a sewing group with the younger generation.
Things we will be making
Night Gowns
and of course Quilts.

2. Scheduling a more consistant Monday Group
This group is more than a sewing circle.
The women are all different ages and have life experiences very different from each other.
I love to sit, sew and listen to the many different opinions and experiences.
It is a very" centering" group of women for me.

 3. Quilt Projects
Way to many to name, if I get even half completed I will be Over the Moon.

4. Crochet
I am in love with crochet !
It is mindless, colorful and transportable.
I have 4 projects on my mind.
One that I swoon over, I found at Cottage 1945
I have the yarn given to me as a gift from a dear friend Julie.

5. Some personal growth 
These growth opportunities I may or may not post about. 
I am sure we all have growth opportunities in our life's
that could include areas from heath to reading a novel.

I like to map out the New Year.
My map is always fluid because lets face it,
Life doesn't read my map.

What are your projects for 2012 ?


sunny said...

Looks like a very nice Christmas at your house. And I like the way you map out your new year, while realizing that it's a very fluid map. Happy New Year!

Alica said...

Hi Eileen, I am here at Alica's house to help her get ready for our dinner tomorrow and instead I thought this would be more fun. We had a quiet Christmas ( no snow). My New Year resolution is to start a quilt and use up the remaining pieces of fabric plus some other added to those pieces that I received from that nice OR nurse from CO. My little sis keeps me posted as to your activities,etc. I want you to know that the road between here and there is still the same, just get on I70 and head east. Glenn isn't here with me but I am sending a big "Hello" from both of us. Your PA dutchey friend, Helen


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