Saturday, December 17, 2011


I love to run fabric through my machine.
And some how something wonderful always comes together.

My latest joy about quilting is hunting for vintage sheets and fabrics.
Oh they are so soft and worn to perfection like an old pair of Levi jeans.

I cut and sewed this charmer together in about 4 hours
using my new method " turbo piecing ".
Now I am not silly or senile enough yet to think I am the only one to think of this.
As I have found just about everything in quilting has been done before.

But what I did was not cut any of the threads while sewing.
I sewed all the vertical rows first
and here is the new part....
I did not cut one horizontal row of threads that the vertical rows made. 
I ironed every other row of seams one way, then flipped the top to iron all the other  rows of seams in the opposite direction.
Then I sewed all the horizontal rows together.
What a time saver !!!
No cutting all those rows apart, ironing , laying them out to finally sewing them all back together.
The rows were placed perfectly, no mixing up a row by mistake.
Loved this and will be sewing quilts together using this method again.

I sew with  The Friday Sew-In group
I'm tired now good night !


Alica said...

I have an old comforter that's made out of my Grandma's old aprons and dresses. I like to look at it and remember some of the items of clothing and the wonderful woman who wore them!

Kyle said...

Sounds like a great technique, no mix up, saves time and thread!

Terrie Sandelin said...

What a great idea! And the quilt is really lovely, too.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

wow...way to go!! agree with Kyle that it also saves thread!!! thanks for sharing and I will have to try this!


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