Friday, December 16, 2011


My boss for the last 17.5 years is retiring this month and what a loss it is for our department.
She was the best Head Nurse I worked for in my 30 plus years as a nurse.

She set the bar hi for her staff.
She trained me on the Heart Team
[ and what fun that team was, long hours but laughs that just made  time fly ]
OK maybe not "fly" but we did have fun.

She left the Heart Team to be Head Nurse of the OR for the last 15 years.

She was funny
had a sharp wit 
and a temper that went with it but rarely seen.

She made BEAUTIFUL jewelry to keep herself sane when she was not at the hospital.

But the cutest thing of all she rode a little motor scooter to work.

RR will be  MISSED beyond  all imaginations.
This quilt was commissioned by the Management team for me to make for RR.
I sure hope RR likes it because I sure liked working for RR these past years.


Alica said...

I'm sure she'll love it! It's beautiful!!

Julie said...

it's beautiful!!

Shawn said...

Wow what a beautiful quilt and quilting, such a thoughtful gift!!

sunny said...

What a beautiful quilt! And how wonderful to have such a great boss. They're rare.

Angie said...

O.M.G. Eileen, I do believe this is the MOST BEAUTIFUL Dresden Plate I've ever seen! I LOVE the colors and the way you put them together---just GORGEOUS!! You did a fabulous job and she is sure to cry when she's presented with it. :)

Kim said...

WOW! What a beautiful gift that I am sure will be treasured for many many happy years!!!!

Kyle said...

Your quilt is fantastic. I'm sure it will be a wonderful surprise and treasured.

Alison said...

That is by far one of the most beautiful Dresden Plate quilts I have ever seen! What a fantastic gift! :)

Diane said...

My goodness, this is lovely! The quilting is wonderful.

Heather said...

Just beautiful, and what a sweet tribute to your friend! :o)

JG said...

What a gorgeous quilt!


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