Sunday, July 30, 2017

30 JULY 2017


Looking for Roly Poly's. We check for them several times a day.

'Grandpa, please bring my bike'

I joined this journal group on line and have not been very good with keeping up on the writing. Having a one year old during the day is far more interesting than anything else I can think of doing, but it is time to get more involved with 'other' things that are of interest to me. So this week's assignment is on BBQ's, do you and what do you BBQ? Normally during the summer we BBQ a lot, but not this year for several reason. One, a broken foot, just haven't been up to it and two, it has been hotter than hades this summer and our porch has full sun(west side) at cooking time. Grilling anything in the heat is a great diet incentive for me. Sweat pouring down my face just makes me cranky and not hungry, thirsty for an ice cold beer maybe, but not grilled food. I will say though last weekend we were at the lake and S-I-L grilled the best charred dogs I think ever crossed these lips of mine, I had two!
This week I do plan on grilling some burgers and some pork chops. I make a weekly loose menu and these  are on the menu. Eric and I have been working our way through the freezer, (feels so good to use what we have)and it's chops time for sure! Having our big meal at noon also helps with eating what we have and eating at home, not wimping out and being too lazy at dinner time to cook. I have perfected that habit(eating out) since the kids have left home to start their own lives. I am also really tired of restaurant food, especially knowing I could make it so much better if my laziness would not rear it's ugly head at around 4-5pm. 
Yesterday, I had a lovely day sewing ALL DAY in my sewing cave. I finished one quilt for Baby B,(christmas present) and worked on two other ones for gifts. I pulled fabric for 3 reproduction quilts and tested one of the blocks. I am off on the block, not a perfect 9.5 inch square so am going to try starching the fabric  then cut and sew. This is new to me, though all over the internet, I read about this starching technique on Minick and Simpson blog. Sure hope it works, will be worth the extra steps if the blocks come out truer to size I need. I hate fudging when off a couple of centimeters, gets to be to much to deal with when making a big quilt.
Missing my baby today, she is 28 years old this very day! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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elizabeth said...

I can't wait till I can sew again! I have so much I want to do (as well as cooking, baking and some research for writing things) but one can only do so much at a time!


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