Thursday, July 6, 2017

6 JULY 2017

I'm not good at completing tasks in the late afternoon and that includes cooking dinner! Yeah, see the problem here? My husband sure did when he retired.  The ridiculous heat in the summer only makes this issue of mine all the worse, (why are we not underweight I do not know, it could be the ice-cream for dinner;-}) After reading some foreign blogs and realizing they eat their main course at lunch, I thought brilliant! I am full of energy and like to have all chores done by 10am. Dinner at my house is now served at American lunch time and American dinner is "what ever". I have been doing this for three weeks now and I think it is working well. Eric, Miss B and I are guarantee a decent lunch(dinner) with all the fixings and then we graze when needed the rest of day! Today was homemade pizza! The pizza sauce is a Pioneer Women recipe, pizza dough from Cast Iron Cooking, garlic scape pesto-Allrecipe and the rest of the fixing, what I had in house and needed to use. This new routine also works well in being more creative to use what I have on hand and have to use up, plus cooking from scratch as often as I can manage, which is a lot, (I have more energy, lots more energy in the morning). The pizza was DELICH or MMMMMM as Miss B says often between bites. 

Yes, I am still working on Brassy Dress, the knit that never ends. Although Woolythyme tells me it will end, at least she completed hers. Since I am still in an air cast and not suppose to be walking around "too much", yeah, right, it is a good mindless knit. However, this HEAT WAVE the Front Range is experiencing makes it even hotter to have Brassy on my lap. I really want to be able to wear this in the fall and winter- so knit on I must. 

Don't you LOVE, LOVE little girls in pigtails and hats???? Be still my heart.

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Terrie Sandelin said...

The sweater is gorgeous! The food looks so yummy. Love the photos.


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