Sunday, July 16, 2017


Miss B teaching Grandpa how to fish off the couch-hat wear essential.

It's 11 am and my house is soo quite! We have a baby sleeping at the moment, her morning nap and most likely her only nap today. Too many naps and this child morphs into a night owl. She is busy, too many things to look at, play with, climb on, not to mention all the cooking and dog walking that needs to be done.
The week here has been slow..... Watching Miss B, dust a room or two, dinner ready by noon, wash and hang laundry outside. Getting the laundry dry has been a little tough with the afternoon showers blowing through. I can never be angry about July showers here on the Front Range, living on a high dessert.
Went to the doctors and it was good news/bad news with broken foot.The top part of the bone is totally fused but not the bottom side. I had noticed my foot was becoming very discolored, purple, and I was getting worried. Even taking off the air cast the color did not improve much. For once in a doctors office the foot had the poor color when the air cast was removed. I am one of those people that will show up in a doctors office and what ever the problem was to make the appointment, well the problem isn't there the day of the visit! But, the problem will show up within hours of leaving the office. I can just see their notes on me, 'patient in no acute distress, appears very comfortable, told to come back when I can observe said issue'...UGH!  Any ways, I'm in a post op shoe now, no bending foot but I can walk more on the broken foot, and the color has greatly improved after 12 hours! I can also drive now, this is very good for my mental health!
I have completed another baby quilt, started cutting fabric for Christmas gifting quilts and continue to knit on Brassy and Eric's sock. Need to get knitting on some baby outfits, we are having another Grandchild in about 20 weeks! So over the moon happy, I love this Grandma thing! 

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