Monday, July 3, 2017



We went high in the Colorado Mountains over the weekend. It was kinda a test run for the wee one, getting kinks worked out for the BIG Yellowstone trip later in the summer. The results were kinda a mix bag, B loved playing outside ALL day, getting dirty, looking at every flower and rock, watching the sky with beautiful white clouds and that helicopter was great fun! Slept the first night like the dead! Day 2 all was well until the kid chair was open and B climbed up looking so big and proud! The climbing out part didn't go as well, she was so close to mastering the chair thing but...hence, the strawberry scuffed up right side of the face-oh, did that hurt...all of us! Second night, low and behold a tooth decides it is time to bust through, causing a very sleepless night. Yet, all in all, I think it went well. Can't help the teething process and can't stop all falls that a one year will take!
The best part of the trip was B is an apprentice knitter! See , she insists on caring the knitting bag-EVERYWHERE,  I need to make one just for her.
I had brought up three projects to work on, only a few rows of Eric's sock were completed. So many more important things to explore with a new set of one year old eyes!
The high country is beautiful this time of year. Really wish we could have gone hiking, but I am still in an aircast for several more weeks. Nothing like having a cement block on my dominant foot in the summer to beat all.
Happy 4th to all.May it be fun but most of all shared with loved ones and PEACEFUL! 

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