Wednesday, July 5, 2017

5 JULY 2017

My 4th was quite, very quite, just the way I like it. And it was a HOT 4th here on the Front Range!
I spent the day reading, knitting and finished machine quilting a baby quilt. I enjoy practicing my machine quilting skills on baby quilts. I will generally do some simple line quilting in the body and free motion quilting on the boarders. Since these quilts are not meant to be perfect or judged, ( I have never had a quilt of mine judged, that would destroy the fun for me. I have no intention of taking something that is relaxing for me and turning it into a competition), but meant to be used and loved by the child. 
Since we were spending the day at home- ribs were on the menu. I cook ribs slow, real slow, like over 5-6 hours. I made my own BBQ sauce and it was great! I have been thinking a lot about all the plastic in my life and how to wean off that over used, never to break down product. Believe it or not, these thoughts are what propelled me to make my own BBQ sauce instead of running to the store to get a bottle, plastic bottle filled with preservative rich BBQ sauce. I will probably never buy another bottle of BBQ sauce again, this homemade sauce is so much better! Recipe found on Allrecipe, the one with ingredients found in most homes. Also on the days list was to make strawberry cordial. So much better than soda, even though cordial does have sugar in it, but no preservatives or additives. This simple drink is very refreshing and will be a staple in refrigerator. Any fruit can be added, another plus to use up fruit that otherwise may be thrown out do to over ripeness. Recipe for cordial found on the down-to-earth. blog.
Yes, my 4th was slow and relaxing -just what this lady needed.

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