Monday, August 7, 2017

7 AUGUST 2017

Last week we took Miss B camping with us for 2 nights, (the longest we have had her and that she has been away from her Mom and Dad). It went beautifully! She played in the dirt, rocks and river, took long walks both in stroller and on foot. She ate a lot, fresh air always builds a BIG appetite and makes all food taste amazing! And....she slept 10 hours at night! We didn't, checking on her all night long. We hope to get in maybe, 2 more short camping trips before the mountains get too cold at night with Miss B. Yes, it rained, hard and long while we were camping, thank goodness for our camper!
The quilt is one I finished for a brother, who is long over due a quilt from me. I am really into scrap quilts and mindless sewing. If you saw my sewing room you would understand my need to make scrap quilts, plus how can one go wrong with a scrap rules!
I have had second sockitis with Eric's socks...ugh. I took them camping with me and knitted and knitted, only to realize I made a mistake that I could not fix without ripping back several inches ;-{. I am back on track now and getting ready to turn the heel. I really need to get these done!  No more solid plain socks, they are painful knits.
Weather here is to be gloomy and wet all week. That's OK, I live on a high dessert and rain is always welcomed. Our grass is so GREEN this year, it looks like a picture in a gardening magazine. Brings tears to my eyes.
I almost forgot, I am in a gym shoe and walking again. 10 weeks after breaking my foot I am getting around again. JOY, JOY, JOY!

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karen said...

so sweet! I love that you took lots of photos. That quilt is gorgeous and will be an heirloom for sure. So nice you get to see your grand often :)


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