Sunday, November 3, 2013


Wendell { Caitlin's dog } has been with us all week since she is on a cruise--{ her second  within a year I have noted, I have never been on one in my life}. Anyways, Wendell has been with us and he has kept a sharp eye on all the cat's and squirrels in the yard. Sam and Sadie are grateful for the help too. Wendell sat perfectly still for over 35 minutes in a stand off with a squirrel above him.

Cowl knitted by my sister Mary Margaret using her own alpaca fibers and it is not only beautiful but uber warm!

Last night was the first of hopefully scads more SEW INS. Our first one was held at 
A beautiful shop in lovely downtown Fort Collins.
Six women were invited but only two of us attended last night.
It was a pot luck so Jill and I had loads of good food to eat by ourselves too...yum.
Angela the owner of MAMA SAID SEW was so kind to let us use her shop..
I love doing sew ins in a shop because if I forget anything-- like not buying enough fabric for a backing- I can get it right there, no running around wasting my sewing time.
Not to mention being around so much amazing fabric is inspiring and kept me awake thinking of all the possibilities.
Jill and I had 7 hours of wonderful sewing time and did we sew.
I cut out 3 patterns for my girls and worked on my tumbler block quilt. 
Tumbler blocks are kinda boring to work on...not your " just run it through" the machine quilt, but oh did the time fly sewing this last night in the company of a good friend, and I was amazed how much I got done.
See that clock above me? yes it says 1135pm ! WOWZA I never stay up that late and sew, I make too many mistakes sewing at night, but not last night.

Not sure what the face is about....hehe.
On a sew in I believe in dressing comfortable...
extra large shirt and stretch pants with my slippers.
An over the moon night.

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Bonnie said...

Sounds like a fun time Eileen. I need that's snowing here. I am not ready for winter. I suspect our little storm is coming your way.


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