Thursday, November 28, 2013


the other day i was driving up centre ave and this huge flock of birds were flying directly overhead darkening the sky.
at first i thought they were those big fat black crows that are around here but as i crested the hill i realized they were ducks. 
and apparently their was a meeting of the duck minds on the field. their was hundreds of ducks in the air and on the ground. i quickly pulled over for a few pics. 
once out of my car realizing that i had hundred of ducks overhead i thought " this is a bad idea! i am going to get duck poop bombed"
thus making the fast decision to NOT take pics of the ducks flying above me.....only of the ones out in the distance..uh um!
i took pics faster than fast and " ducked" back into my car without one bomb landing on me, my car not so lucky.
it was an amazing site, one of the wonders of nature.

another amazing site is the season that my daughter lives and dreams pies.
actually she is working 16-18 hour days getting all her pie orders out on time for the special thanksgiving meal.
i would be stressing but her shoulders drop and she gets into her zen lovingly making pies.
a true talent!

Happy Thanksgiving
have a save peaceful day.


Terrie Sandelin said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! Those pies look luscious . . . Jeff has made up his most excellent apple pie. I can hardly wait!

karen said...

happy thanksgiving, I want one pie :)

SunnyGirl @ said...

Those pies look amazing!
What a wonderful talent indeed!


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