Thursday, November 14, 2013


maple creek vancouver
60% superwash merino
30% nylon
450 yarsds
lobster bay

maple creek farm
85% bluefaced leicester super wash
15% donegal nep
438 yards

organic wool
fringtree lot 101 
240 yards
blue bell

peruvian alpalca
334 yards
" a very special 2 ply yarn"

miss babs

miss babs
560 yards
{ i bought 2 skeins }

miss babs
500 yards sock yarn
roses in bloom
sock yarn

that is the extent of what i came home with in the yarn department.
i could of bought and bought, but then i knew it would sit too long in the basement and i would forget what i was going to knit with these beauties. yes i'm aware it is a women's prerogative to change her mind whenever and often!
miss babs is the hottest yarn i think on the market right now.
we stood in line for about an hour just to pay!
her colors i just want to bathe in and i love, love her yardage!
finally a dyer has skeins with yardage. 
i have never understood why yarn companies when promoting yarns and say sweater pattern only skein up 110 yards per skein...
what ! that is a lot of work for the knitter to weave all those ends in, 
not too mention it makes the project hard to carry around when trying to grab 10-15 minutes to knit.
i'm always running out of yarn or i'm anxious i will run out.
kinda keeps me out of that zen space knitting is suppose to induce.

ok i promise i am done with RHINEBECK posts.
i kinda dragged it out because i didn't want the trip too be totally over for me.
but i'm done now till my next RHINEBECK excursion.

happy thursday
the weekend will be upon me soon and it is time to finish binding the quilt.


Bonnie said...

I'm knitting socks right now. Love you new yarn

WillyG said...

Kudos for standing in that line! Maybe next year that will be how I spend my time at Rhinebeck - in line for Miss Babs, haha! It is great yarn.

If you love yardage, you should check out Briar Rose Fibers! The yarn is beautifully dyed and begs to be knit into a sweater, and the dyer skeins it as such. That's where I spent all my budget this year. :)


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