Sunday, November 24, 2013


i have accomplished something, no a lot yesterday. 
a quilt, this quilt, my low volume quilt for my nephew and his new wife. well that is his wife of 2 or 3 years. honestly i am not even sure how long ago they married.
good news, i didn't forget that they got married or that i wanted to make them a quilt for a wedding present.
i know sad! but true. 
i finished machine quilting the " low volume" quilt way past my bedtime....uhm 1945. or 7:30pm.
yes i go to bed early but i am up at 0430 even on the weekend.
i need my beauty rest and i have been sleeping through the night again.
i am never sure when i will revert back into an insomniac so when i'm sleeping i am such a cheerful, gleeful  almost giddy women.
today i will put the binding on and a label, { so the newly weds will know why this quilt landed on their door step}.
i am dropping off the quilt i finished last weekend at susie q's house so she and quilt can get on a plane to boston. sue will be hand delivering said quilt. it too is a wedding gift.
sue is taking a turkey, yes the thanks-giving turkey in her suitcase. the wedding quilt will be wrapped around the bird. why not? i bet it will be a good story when sue gets back to denver.

oh, and the squirrel pics are here because i have no children or grandchildren or best of all babies to take pictures of, only this fat squirrel that loves to eat the bird seed. heaven help him if we move or forget to refill the feeder , this fat boy would starve! 
though i do find myself staring out the window watching his every move. he will let me on the porch with him and get to with in 5 steps from him before he scampers away, or is it really waddles away.
notice the temp here

would love to hear what you have been working on.


Bonnie said...

So funny Eileen. I love your little squirrel. Every family needs one. How great to be finished with a quilt project. It's beautiful. Does TSA allow turkeys in carryons?;)

karen said...

he is a well fed squirrel :) I take photos of nature because I haven't any grands. Maybe one day :)

steph said...

I can't wait to hear about the turkey and the quilt adventure!!!!!!


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