Sunday, November 17, 2013


oh my the wind is blowing out side between 30-60 miles an hour.
the house is shaking, trees bending with the wind and the mice are running in the basement drop ceiling.
yup, you read that right! 'every couple of years we have a family of mice that sets up house and hearth in our drop ceiling.
now, in children's books i find mice soo very cute but not live ones in my house!
these little creatures are not quiet either.
they run A LOT up there and how big can their feet be?
they sound like a herd of elephants pounding { not scampering like cute little mice should sound like} but pounding feet running up through the rafters.
it is most distracting listening to this when i'm trying to catch a serene moment with a good cup of coffee and a new cast on project.
i have a new grandnephew.
and since i love to knit baby clothes - a perfect opportunity and reason to buy a new pattern and yarn.
i have also cut out a quilt for this new little guy
nothing complicated but sure to have loads of darling points!

i finished a quilt!
it's a wedding quilt for our dear dear friend- ryan and alisa
i machined quilted this on my bernina, just straight lines my new fav.
i'm seeing the value in plain straight lines
it allows the patchwork to POP !
i love beautiful quilted feathers but i have noticed that frequently it takes center stage over the beautiful piecing.
i believe their should be a balance found here where neither the piecing nor the quilting over powers each other. 
balance, is it not what all of life is about?
easy to say i want everything in my life to be balance-
but very difficult to acquire and maintain.

my dear friend julie just bought a juki sewing machine for quilting and she loaned it to me to finish some much needed quilts.
i love my berninas but these quilts are just simple too BIG for my machines. but that juki is just the ticket.
now julie had not even taken her juki for a run yet, so i find this a HUGE privilege that i am given the opportunity to test drive this machine.
so far i am smitten with this machine.
more to come about juki ....
do i buy one or not?

hope your weekend was peaceful yet productive as mine has been.
until next time.....
{ we caught a mouse already}


Kyle said...

Sorry about the mice, but the quilt is lovely! New machine? Keep us posted.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful quilt Eileen. EEEkkk...I hate LIVE mice. Knitted one are fine but real ones...not so much.

Kate said...

Oh my ! I have the biggest phobia with mice ,so you have all my sympathy ...A new baby to knit for sounds wonderful...and the quilt is gorgeous ...x

Alica said...

That's a beautiful quilt, Eileen! What's the pattern called?
We're keeping our eyes peeled for mice's just getting cold enough that they'll be looking for every crack to find their way into the house...and there are plenty of cracks in this old farm house! :)


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