Sunday, November 10, 2013


Roosevelt's Presidential Library
what an amazing library; takes one through his early life, polio, the depression, new deal,and then WWII.
we spent some time in here and i would definitely return for another go through.

hay field that franklin played in as a boy.

heart of their home the "sitting or front parlor".
this is a big room with a little of every sort of entertainment one would need prior to that home/family wrecker the "tv".

yes, parcheesi. i had not seen that board game since i was a teenager.
and no i do not remember how it is played.

the famous wheelchair that Roosevelt ran the country and brought the USA through the second world war from.

eleanor sleep here in this "bare bones" room nursing franklin when polio took him down.

franklin's room that adjoined eleanor's room.

a view of the hudson river valley from the roosevelt's back porch.

mary and julie looking over yarn purchases at rhinebeck fiber fair.

yes those are all mary's bags. we let her out of our site for a couple of hours and she comes back loaded down with fiber goodness.
remember mary we are flying home....hehe.

the only post left from rhinebeck is the yarns that i bought..
coming soon.

oh and i finished quilting a quilt......a big quilt on my machine. all that is needed is a label and binding.

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Bonnie said...

What a beautiful place. I'd have shipped that fiber!!!!


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