Wednesday, December 19, 2012


slowly getting through knitting my whippoorwill
needed to wind more yarn to complete the scarf.
i find something very satisfying about winding yarn. 
i love the " balls " of yarn
they stack so nicely.
i wish i could fill the table with wound yarn
i think i would leave it on the table as decorations
it seems to me that sitting and looking at a table of colorful wound yarn would be very soothing.
i'm also just finishing up the second pair of boot leggings.
these are a fun knit,
a little fuzzy to start them but after the start nothing but mindless knitting.
a great knit to watch a christmas movie.

reading taproot and zone 4 magazines.
taproot is a first for me and i am impressed with the writing.
i have really enjoyed the article about trees and their age.
it's heart breaking to have any of these old trees cut down.
zone 4 i bought to start the dreaming of the garden possibilities.
never too soon to be planning one's next garden.

please join me over with me
Yarn Along
with ginny


karen said...

I could decorate an entire first floor with yarn cakes :) love the colors of your shawl-it would go with my wardrobe ;)

Kyle said...

As you know I'm not a knitter, but I do love the colors and textures of balls of yarn!

Hannah said...

I haven't got around to this issue of Taproot but I hope to over Christmas.
I don't have a winder but I really enjoy winding my skeins using the back of a chair for help, I find it very soothing.
Knitting to go with Christmas movies sounds perfect. Merry Christmas :o)


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