Wednesday, December 5, 2012


knitting some church mouse boot leggings with stirrups.
how fun is that ?
i have two pairs to knit before christmas, 
but have no intention on getting stressed out about finishing on time ;0
my family is use to my delayed gift giving.
most christmas's i loose { forget where i have hidden presents }
and days, weeks, months and even at times the following christmas they get the forgotten gift.
it's just the way i roll around here.

last week after reading yarn along one of the blogs said she is only reading christmas books during the holiday season.
i thought what a great idea and out i went to get christmas books.
starting with 
a plain and simple christmas
of course it has an amish flair!
what are you knitting and reading?
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Bonnie said...

I also hide gifts and forget where they are. It makes for extra drama, and who doesn't need that ;)
I love your boot leggings. How have I never heard of these before!!?? I'm off to check out the pattern. Happy knitting (are your fingers as cramped as mine?)

karen said...

I am on my last holiday read. I have deadlines looming but they are of my own creation. If I get it done great if no oh well.

momto5 said...

what a cute idea the leggings with straps. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't yet been late with a gift, but as I start making a larger percentage of the gifts we give I imagine it's inevitable, right? I'm still hoping to finish everything on time this year...
What a great idea, reading only Christmas books. If I had time to read, I would steal it! xo

Hannah said...

Lovely yarn! And I really like the stirrups idea, too.


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