Saturday, December 22, 2012

getting ready for our big family dinner on monday.

putting somethings away so other Christmasy things can come out,
such as the Lenox plates.
they are so sweat gracing my china hutch.
so far i have been non-stressed this year
and loving it.
it is one nice thing about having older children,
we are all far more into the family and friends dinner
than all the hoopla Christmas has become.
all of us being fairly good cooks and bakers,
it is a good 10 lb. weight gain day.
my family is very blessed that we all enjoy each other's company and will spend Christmas Eve and day eating, lounging and laughing.
we will however have one child missing...he will be in chicago with my side of the family
and greatly missed here in colorado.

are you ready?
happy holidays
merry christmas

now it's time to head over to my sister's for the cookie baking day extravaganza ;o)


Bonnie said...

I'm as ready as I'll ever be this year.

Merry Christmas Eileen.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

How much fun it is decorating cookies together! Neat way to spend the afternoon....

:) Carolyn

Alica said...

Mmmm...what kind of cookies did you bake? Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, Eileen!

karen said...

I'm as ready as I'll ever be! Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your holiday.


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