Wednesday, December 12, 2012


yup it is wednesday again......yippie-
that means it is yarn along day
and i have something completed.
totally finished these boot stirrups on sunday.
i mean all the finishing work is done....weaving in all ends neatly.
i'm not great at finishing work with knitting,
not sure why but am making an honest effort to be timely and have a nice looking finale project.
started another pair of stirrups on sunday afternoon.
{ sorry about the blurry pics. but that is how i'm feeling today...
the stomach flu has arrived at my house...ugh }

my amish christmas read was ok.
i only finished the first story in the book.
it proved to be the average amish story
but these are always good for a plot of forgiveness and redemption.
something that is always worth reading for me.


Alica said...

Oh bummer...hope you're soon feeling better!

karen said...

oh no! feel better soon, get that lysol can out and spray like mad. The boot toppers are so nice and squishy looking. I bet your feet are nice and cozy with those on :)

Kyle said...

Your project looks great. Sorry the flu has come your way. Feel better soon.

flyingjen said...

The boot toppers are super cute. What a great idea. The stomach flu has come and gone at our house. But it is making the rounds here in Denver.

Tracey said...

I do hope the stomach flu leaves your home in a hurry, it is no fun being sick.
I love your boot stirrups and would love to knit a pair for one of my dil's, she lives in boots since she works with horses every day.

Anke said...

Hope you'll feel better soon! The boot toppers look great and I bet they keep you nice and warm.

Bonnie said...

Love those bgoot toppers. Sorry you are not feeling well. Rest up and knit if you can.

tess said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better! Love your boot stirrups - I think I need to knit a pair for myself! :)

Sandra said...

Thanks for much for taking time to visit my blog. I really appreciate it.

Love the boot toppers! I've seen a few patterns for them and think they're such a great idea.

Enjoyed my visit and will be back again to say hi!

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