Monday, December 3, 2012


i had a slow week-end, cleaning knitting sewing and hanging out with eric..
{ my best friend }.
on sunday afternoon i went out east on the open plains to help a friend sew for her baby that is coming any day now.
oh the joy and the miracle happening looking at a mom getting ready to deliver.
we made diaper covers, { yes she loves and is concerned about the environment and is going to do her part for her children and use cloth diapers. keeping the land fill free of paper/disposable diapers. i commend her for her thoughtfulness ;) }.
on the way home the sun was a glow in the west due to the fern lake fire in rocky national park.
beautiful but sad.
i saw the front of 
business week magazine recently and in bold print....
"it's global warming stupid"
it's time to pay attention!!!


Alica said...

Sounds like a fun weekend for you Eileen! Those pictures of the sun are beautiful, but it's sad about the fire. Is this a new one, or one that is still burning from the summer?
p.s. you would have loved the greenhouse...wish you could've seen it in person!

Kyle said...

Is that your red and green appliqué I see peeking out of the pile?

Eileen said...

Yes it is. Can you believe I'm still working on it!

karen said...

love the photos and your yellow yarn looks just like mine!

Creations by Dina said...

Oh how I long to have a slow weekend for myself. It seems like I have been so busy lately schooling my kids, making Christmas presents, and filling orders from other people. Maybe some day I will learn to slow down!!

flyingjen said...

I saw you're watching Centennial. I've watched that a gazillion times with my dad. We'll start watching, get side tracked a few episodes in, forget where we were so start over! I've seen episodes 1-3 probably 100 times, but episode 12 maybe 5 times!


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