Friday, December 14, 2012

i have a tree ! a very different tree, the first of it's kind to pass over the threshold of my door.
yup, it is a fake, faker tree from china......ugh!
i hang my head in shame ;(.
some years i am so excited to get the house ready for christmas but sadly not this year.
oh i'm excited for our family gathering and christmas eve dinner at the house.
now that is always fun and i love, love us all getting together.
it just that this year i have people on my mind,
people here
people  living in other parts of the country
people no longer here with us...
and filling the house with a lot of bling just seemed..... overwhelming to me.
so i put out a few simple things.
i think after { maybe before } christmas i am going to go through christmas boxes and goodwill decorations i no longer want or will ever use.
i have some mighty big ugly candles down in those boxes.
my hope is by decorating with only a few lovelies it will keep me focus on what i really think is important
people !
people i care deeply about.

{ oh and about that fake tree...
it is small 
was half price
i looked for a live small tree but refused to pay the price,  only to throw it out in two and a half weeks.
i would rather give that money to the homeless man standing at the corner.
[ and yes he did get some money]
so that is the story of how and why i now have a small, very small fake china made tree...
whew---glad i got that off my chest }.

how are you getting ready for christmas?


Kyle said...

My Christmas preparations has been very limited as well
this year. It is about the people. Thanks for the good reminder.

Bonnie said...

Nothing wrong with making Christmas "intimate" and meaningful. Decorations are for you and should reflect your feelings, not anyone else. We all celebrate the holidays in our own way. I love that you are truly focusing on the meaning of Christmas and not just the trappings.


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