Sunday, December 16, 2012


christmas is a week away and i feel ready !
i keep fighting off ideas, grand ideas of let me make this { insert some crazy project that under good conditions i would need a month to complete }. 
when simplifying the holidays i have more time to think-
more time to think means more time to dream up grandiose projects.
not what simplifying the season is meant for.
i want time to just relax, enjoy and spend time with people that are important to me and my family.

i sure wouldn't mind a little of this either ;)
oh yeah, i need to work on a grateful heart
being content with what is.......


sunny said...

Why not start those grandiose plans and projects in January? Enjoy your time now with family and friends.

Angie said...

I've really cut back on the decorations this year. We did get our cut tree but the decorations are sparse. And in light of the tragedy in Newtown, Ct, I'm REALLY struggling with any more holly jolly. Not depressed, just immeasurably sad. Hug Sam and Sadie for me. :)

karen said...

Great photo of your family! I hope this means you are feeling better, and I sure do wish for some snow, right now it's raining :/


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