Wednesday, October 24, 2012


i started this sweater  [ Harvest Moon ] on vacation this past august, made a huge mistake and had to frog most of the sweater.
then i just kinda got tired of counting the rows put it aside and started, then finished another shawl.
but now i'm back on and almost done with the body and 
i love it !!
when i'm done i will post all the details of Harvest Moon;)

lately i'm very into reading,
i tend to read novels in spurts
because when i read a novel nothing else gets done till i am done with the last page, last sentence, last word.
yes i get very single minded when reading a good book.
but this is what i have been reading.

i recommend all of them;)

happy wednesday.

oh dear, have to run 
i'm late for work
and it is only 5:20 am ;(


Alisa said...

love the color of your yarn....beautiful!!

City Sister said...

I love anything on quarter acre farming...since I have exactly 1/4th of an acre and pretend to farm it...with my chickens and a garden...I'll have to pick that one up.

Kyle said...

My gosh, you were up early. Sometimes it's good to set something aside and fix it later with renewed vision.

Natalie B. said...

The colour of your work is wonderful, looking forward to reading all the details :)
I have never read P.L.Gaus, will have to look up some of the books.

karen said...

I love the yarn! And I was up that early too, by choice :) There is nothing like early morning and no one is up but me :) Great stack of books you have there.

Angela said...

We've got a quarter acre farmette and I love that book. Your yarn is such a soothing shade and will make such a handsome FO. Hope you made it to work on time!

Tracey said...

Your Harvest Moon is just stunning and I would love to know what yarn you are using...I am sitting here with yarn envy ;)
I quite enjoyed reading your About Me, we have a lot in common.

steph said...

that sweater is going to be so worth the extra's lovely. and I'm not familiar with a single one of those books...have written down all the titles. (As if I needed to add a single more title to the to-read pile!!!)

(Thanks for visiting my blog.....I've been enjoying wandering around yours, too. Love the squirrel photos---how I feel a LOT lately!!!)

Mama Gone Green said...

love your yarn color!!

Bonnie said...

Can't wait to see the finished sweater. I've been plugging along on a baby sweater that I set aside after knitting the back and then picked it up and knit the fronts (two at a time {what an idiot} with a smaller needle. Had to frog it and now I'm re-knitting the fronts. Stupid me.

Lori ann said...

your sweater looks very pretty, i'm sure it will be beautiful. i read that way too, the world stops :)

W-S Wanderings said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean about reading novels. I get completely sucked into them and CANNOT put them down. I end up staying up WAY too late and getting far too little done. Then I swear off novels for awhile because I have no idea how to read in moderation.


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