Tuesday, October 9, 2012


the amish use no electricity in their homes
so on wash day amish hang all their clothes out on the line.
it is a beautiful site the laundry hung from the house to a pole far out in the yard.

clothes grouped together

adult clothing, followed by the children biggest to smallest.
a world of intent and organization.
i could of pulled over beside every amish farm house and gazed at their laundry.
for some reason i find amish clothes line very soothing.
a visual slow down statement !

the amish use a pulley system to hang their laundry. 
i took these pictures to show my husband in hopes of being able to install this line in my yard.
{ won't the HOA love this }

another past time is fishing 
[ i couldn't take any pictures of the amish close up.
i love this culture and to photograph their faces would be disrespectful ]
the little boy sitting on the cooler caught the fish and was thrilled to show us his cat fish.
i can see his big eyes full of excitement and that smile on his face....joy!

at the fair. this women was on her way [ quickly i might add ] to collect her small child after the greased pig contest.
here in lancaster they grease the kids arms and not the pig ;)

watching the grease pig contest.

an amish buggy

amish buggies are small to get into..
[ or i am just getting too big ;( ]

oh joy i fit. getting in is harder than i thought. they are very small inside and are on metal springs that move A LOT. having not ever gotten in a buggy i was a little weary of them.

but what fun i had being inside. 
an amish buggy is made locally, only about 12 builders in the county. 
cost about 7000-7500 dollars. 
horse cost 3000-4000 dollars.
this buggy i am sitting in is about 20 years old.
the horses generally do not out survive the buggy.
i was amazed by what the amish can pack into one of these buggies.
jake the owner of this buggy said 900 pounds was the limit for a buggy horse to pull and only a short distance. 

cover bridges also call out to me.
days of old, slowness, calmness
and absolutely beautiful.

only one car at a time can pass through these old bridges.
would of loved to have heard a buggy on the bridge...
iron wheels turning and horses hoofs clip clopping.

lancaster for me is better than any therapist i could visit. 
it is watching real people in their world 
i feel my shoulders dropping
the lines on my forehead smoothing out
and i am exhaling..
thank you lancaster [ helen, glen, alice, alica,  jake, lydia,
orphra, dave, and anyone else i missed]  for a wonderful time.
hope to return soon.


Alica said...

Great pictures Eileen...I hope you can figure out a way to put up a pulley wash line in your yard! :) Maybe next time you come, Jake and Lydia will have a new horse and you can have a ride!

Bonnie said...

What a fun post. Such a joy to see people who respect their religion and culture in a world that is ever increasingly large and sending mixed messages.

Anonymous said...

I love the Amish Community, how lucky you are to be able to meet them, I would love to meet them too. Thanks for sharing photos!I travel with you!


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