Thursday, October 4, 2012


 potatoes, onions and tomatoes

 biggest cabbages i have ever seen

 oh the mums

 orange mums

giant pumpkins


 peanut pumpkins

big pumpkin

oh what a time i had in lancaster pennsylvania ! 
our first day out helen took us to a vegetable auction, if i had driven there i would of been their top buyer !
to alice and i here in the west, the prices were not just unbelievable but practically giving the goods away.
those beautiful mums were sold for no more than a 1.70 each and that was the top price, one had to buy a lot of 4-6 mums but paying for all 6 is still less than the price of one here in colorado !
and the pumpkins, these giant beauties were going for less than 10 dollars a piece, oh i could barely stand not being able to bid !
the best was watching all the amish families coming and going with their beautiful children in those wonderful buggies !
[ sorry no pictures of the amish at the auction ]
i would of been so content to just sit and watch the goings on all day.
i will be posting all about my lancaster adventure in the following days.
good to be home and catching up with blog land !
and it is cool :)


Alica said...

Great pictures Eileen! Can't wait to see the rest of them. It was great to see you!

Kyle said...

Sounds like fun. Love the pumpkins, especially those peanut ones.


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