Wednesday, October 17, 2012


lately my life seems over the top with stress  and wondering what my job will look like in a year from now.
[ if you haven't noticed medicine in the US is going to look different in the very near future. this is not a bad thing, just can be painful getting there].
this week i am in meetings 8+ hours a day trying to " get us there".
summing up these meetings =
excitement and STRESS.
so to counteract the stress level i am knitting on all my breaks and any down time that is appropriate to pull the needles out.
i notice people just star at me with that look " what is she doing" not a lot of questions but we are only half way through the week.
my perfect world hope/dream is to have everyone knitting by the end of the week...hehe.

i'm very into amish reads currently
both these books i highly recommend.
money secrets of the amish is how they view money.

 knitting a stephan west shawl 
love love his patterns.

 knitting with brown sheep from my stash-----another big yahoo for me.

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Alica said...

You really do love the Amish, don't you?! :) That's good...they're wonderful people!
I really like that yarn you're using for your looks so soft!

October Rose said...

Stephan West's designs have always intrigued me ... I've never knit any, though. Which one are you knitting? Daybreak?

Lori ann said...

love the stripes in your shawl, how darling!

cpcable said...

That shawl is so beautiful! I'd never heard of Stephan West before, but I can see why you like his designs!

Bonnie said...

Love the colors in your shawl. Health care workers have enough stress already(I know, I used to be one. Hang in there and knit.

City Sister said...

Every so often we run by Amish out here in Pittsburgh...especially at Children's Hospital...The shawl looks great!


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