Saturday, October 6, 2012


meet dilly and pickles.
these goats were shown at the lampeter fair by jenna [ daughter of  "happily married to...the cows"

hope i have this correct
meet pickles

and dilly
such great names for goats

before jenna showed her goats we decided to cruise around and see some other animals.
cows of course being my favorite ! 

not sure what it is about cows but i just love them.
not that i want one, just like looking at them.
and did i get an education about milking cows, all week long i had questions about milking cows.
i'm sure i sounded like some "silly city girl". which is true...i was raised in a big city and thought as a child that milk came from the jewel store.
who would of thought then that milk really did come from cows ! truth be told , i just never thought about it one way or the other.

these cows were about to be shown at the fair and the judges like to see them with their "bags full".

it hurts to look at these girls, that has to be uncomfortable.
and the mooing going on in this barn...
honey i feel your pain !

some just had to put their head down and take another bite hay.

love this chicken taking a ride on the back of a woolly sheep :)

off to be judged....i'm feeling her pain ;(

found some good seats and watched the goat judging.
ladies this is hard work for these kids.
goats do not always corporate and some of these kids were smaller than their goats.

jenna did a great job and won a second place ribbon.
congrats to you jenna
all your hard work paid off.

a little square dancing

yes, the amish came to the fair and were they fun to watch.
happy saturday to everyone
i have to finish getting my garden "in" and "up".
i'm loving this cool weather
how about you !


Alica said...

Eileen, you got some great fair shots! Love those little goat's sure quiet around here without them! And don't ever feel bad about looking like a "city girl" here on the farm. I'd sure look like a country bumpkin in the city! ;) SO glad you enjoyed your visit!

Bonnie said...

Jenna is so beautiful. What a fun trip. What are you planting in the garden. It's 32 here tonight. I just finished putting a blanket over the tomatoe plants, hoping for another week or so of harvest.


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