Thursday, June 7, 2012


my middle child turned 27 yesterday---ugg.
how did that happen?
she had her birthday party at the "trail head"
a restaurant known for their burgers and wings.
in my opinion it is pretty much a dive,
i heard from my sister that the bathroom was scary.
my stomach ache the following day was scary also ;(

me, being caitlin's mom had to make something for her
and it was vintage sheet pj's.

they are so cute, 
little blue flowers

and soft.......
i would wear them all day.

oh, how i need to make me a pair and soon.
maybe i will spend my summer making vintage sheet
now there is a summer plan.

make some yourself and you will never buy another pair of store bought pj's.

now if only my children knew that these years are ticking away and mom here expects...
well ---
marriage first please !
i have so many fun things to sew and knit for children,
small children
and i prefer not to live through other people's grandchildren's life's.
i'm betting my children are not going to like this post.


Kyle said...

Cute, cute PJ's. I love what you do with those"vintage sheets".

Bonnie said...

Such a cute post Eileen. My oldest is 28 and I'm ready for grandchildren too. I'm with you though; I'd settle for a son-in-law.

Caitrin said...

Oh g'lawd Mom. Simmer down!

Thanks for the PJs. And my clock is not ticking...I'm only 27.

Julie said...

such sweet pj's!


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