Saturday, June 23, 2012


Oh my stars has it been hot this week and DRY.
I have had to water everyday after work!
By the time I get home after work everything and I mean everything is limp and knocking on deaths door.
I have never had to water this much. I think the fire up here is causing the air to be dryer than normal plus all the ash is playing havoc on these plants. The plants in the pots are doing a little better which has been a surprise for me.
We have been enjoying lettuce and it is soo good and sweet all by itself, no need for topping such as carrots, tomatoes, nuts, etc.
If I can keep my 10 tomato plants alive through the summer I will be rolling in tomato heaven.
One of this life's pleasure for me is to eat home grown tomatoes.
They are so sweet and juicy, nothing like any tomato bought in the store. I almost refuse to buy tomatoes from any store even the so called "vine ripe" tomatoes.
The only thing fairing well in the garden is  my welded Lady Bug. Is she not cute:)
What's in your garden?


Alica said...

10 tomato will be in tomato heaven for sure! I can't grow good tomatoes...have you ever heard of such a thing?! :( Your lady bug sure is cute!

Julie said...

love fresh from the garden tomatoes!! lots of Pioneer Woman Salsa!!

Bonnie said...

We have two fires burning now in the north of the state and it is raining ask. I too am hoping to keep the garden alive. If it's not dry heat and's the deer, quail, and grasshoppers.


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