Monday, June 25, 2012


weekends always seem to fly by way to quickly.
i just want to cry on sunday evening " no it can't be over yet, i still have things to get done".

but i have never known time to slow down yet for me . 
i did however get some time on the back porch, { early in the morning  before the temperature rose to 101degrees}, to do a little knitting. i am making this scarf using Madeline Tosh lace "prairie" yarn. 
it was lovely on the porch, with a hot cup of coffee and cool air all around me.

but by evening this is what the sky looked like from the porch.

the high park fire just exploded again.

what with the heat and all, i'm amazed that the fireman can work in these horrid conditions.
they certainly are the heroes in this community.
i wish they would put their pictures on tv one at a time so people know
what REAL heroes look like.

this is what the house looked like at about 8pm last night.
the sky is throwing up some amazing color with all the smoke clouds moving across the big blue.

how was your weekend?
finish any projects?


Julie said...

love the scarf. No weekend projects for me, busy boating and now in Idaho preparing to move our house back!!

Kyle said...

I took almost the same picture of the sky on Saturday. I guess it reminds us that there is still beauty around us dispite the tragedy of the fire, ie a silver lining. I got a few projects done, but never what's on my list!

Bonnie said...

Started a new project on an antique piece of furniture. We have the biggest fire in the state burning 10 miles up the road. Amen on the hero firefighters.


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