Thursday, June 28, 2012


my ironing board cover is always an eye sore.....uuggg.
and since i tend to sew a lot that means i use my ironing board a lot.
well i just could no longer bare to look at that ugly burned, torn covering.
mind you, i made a covering with in the last 18 months, it {the one i just replaced} was a blue check.
i bought a new covering for the ironing board at ikea but of course it did not fit properly, the store bought ones never do unless i want to cough up 30 dollars.....
i'm choking now!

so i ventured into my favorite store located in the "one butt" room known as my fabric storage room.
yes, i can hardly call it a sewing room since i can't fit in there to sew any longer. i envy all those beautiful sewing rooms i see on blogs, organized, everything put it in it's place and the floor vacuumed! 
i have come to believe these pictures are nothing short of a roost, if any sewing room is that clean it means...
which brings me to another short fall of mine,
i don't sew in my sewing room for the above mentioned reason and my sewing room is still a mess.
maybe i need therapy.
i did bring home a book from the library that was titled something to the fact of:
is your mess making you fat
i decided i neither wanted to answer the question nor wanted to read the book,
it went back to the library.
oh yeah, back to the ironing board cover,
i made a new one, this time pink checker!
it is so pretty i decided that the ironing board could stay in the living room.
if i put a lamp on it do you think anyone will notice it is an ironing board?

i also made another pair of pj's from material i found in the " fabric storage room".
yes they are identical as the last pair of pj's i made, however this pair is from the top sheet otherwise known as the "flat sheet".

i even left the lace on one leg.
yes one leg, i thought i had the pattern set up so when i cut out the legs, the lace would be on the front of both legs.
when all said and sewn, i looked at the legs and thought; "how did that happen"?
i'm sure it has something to do with
if x=y and y=z , x must equal..... but as my mother in law would say,
" all you have is a lot of nothing"!
loved that lady...


Alica said...

I'm many sets of PJ's must you have? :) :) I like these!
Having lunch with Alice today!!

Bonnie said...

I am still laughing Eileen. It's bad enough that I feel fat. I don't need a library book to rub it in. Love your new ironing board cover. I have a project lined up to do mine too. I will need to get on that as my old cover makes your old one look like new. And I love your pjs. Designers do those lace sort of things on purchase and call it fashion.


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