Friday, June 15, 2012


yesterday i had the privilege of going to a friend's home whom we refer to at work as "martha"
brenda [ real name ] is the OR's famous baker.
she has a chocolate chip cookie recipe that is too die for.
brenda has also become the fabulous cupcake maker,
and she agreed to have the " in's and outs"of making beautiful cupcakes.
with hand outs to boot.

the above cupcakes are chocolate coconut with a cream cheese coconut frosting..........yum!
and aren't they beautiful!
we all had the chance to decorate, to learn the tricks  to making beautiful cupcakes.

Katie getting instructions on how to properly cut vanilla beans.

so what makes great treats?
good ingredients
a sense of humor
the best teacher
who knows her baking stuff
some healthy food for the endurance baking takes....
and of course ellen dirck's st. louis whiskey sours help.
[ only a small amount of the sours will do or no guarantee on the end product of your baking goods ]

what i loved most about making these cupcakes:  
i baked with people i rarely am around socially and it was so nice to talk and learn about them and their lives.
i have always wanted to learn from brenda, she is a fantastic baker
everything that was presented yesterday was information that can be used whenever that special treat is needed.
i love passing along knowledge i have about doing things from "scratch"
and all my knowledge came from someone passing it on to me.
so lets share this info before it is gone.
maybe brenda can help me with my leaning tower cake issue:)


Alica said...

You chose a good topic...cupcakes are all the rage right now! I can bake, but I can't BAKE, and this sounds like a fun activity! Taste some for me. :)

Bonnie said...

Those cupcakes look wonderful. There is always room for cupcakes.


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