Wednesday, June 27, 2012


my days off work are spent doing house "stuff" some call it housework. now i do not mind the word housework nor do i mind doing housework.
some house chores i prefer over others, like i have never been fond of cleaning the kitchen floor or washing windows.
in the winter i can barely stand to fold clothes from the dryer......
but in the warm months i love love to hang clothes on the line.

something about hanging clothes one by one using pegs that i have had for a couple of decades i find calming, though the best is using pegs that my mother in law used for decades. 
using these pegs is part of my connection to her, i think of betty often while i hang clothes on the line in the early morning.
many would say "this is how you connect to this women, her clothes pegs"?
well yes it is, see betty was a very smart, well read, articulate women who had no "airs".
she was a wife and mom spanning from the mid forties till her death in the late 2000's .
she knew that her job was important and she ran her house like a women who had a PHd in the art of homemaking.

i think it is sad that now so many feel this is not a worthwhile endeavor. 
staying home, staying focused and making a home a home is one of life's hardest jobs.
anyone can live inside of four walls but to make those four walls a welcoming place for your love ones to come home to, well now that is pure art.

so i hang our laundry thinking of how betty made her home a work of art for the people she loved.
she knew that putting clean, sun drenched sheets on her children's beds would help them drift off to sleep a little easier and the guarantee of sweet dreams.
i put sun dried sheets on our beds for the same reason betty did, that feel of slipping into crisp dried sheets that smell of fresh air and sun is better than any pill for sleep can induce.
they really are relaxing and help with a wonderful night of sleep.
try it sometime 
i doubt you will ever want to put your bedding in the dryer again.


Alica said...

There's no place like the wash line to dry sheets, I agree! (unless the neighbor has just spread pazutski on his fields! :) ) Still looking for the perfect photo for you!!

Bonnie said...

I agree Eileen. I love the smell of fresh dryed sheets. Mine always smell a little bit like grass.

Jan said...

The best things in life are indeed the simple ones. What better way to connect with someone? I have my aunt's wooden darner, and it means more to me than any 'valuable' item might have. What a nice post:)


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