Friday, June 22, 2012


my mother always wanted to start dinner with desert. she felt why save the best for last, why not start with what we are all waiting for to begin with.
she never did, at least not with all 12 of us at the table together.
i bet though she often had desert first for lunch after we were all in school and she had some hours to herself.
she did not care for doing the same thing day in and day out,
she preferred to mix things up a bit.

if she were alive today i would sit down and have desert first at every meal with her for a week.
just her, mary ellen { mom } and i.

no, we did not eat this cake first on father's day, though it did cross my mind.
it wasn't my day so i did not even suggest the idea.

recipe is from the BEE HIVE in salt lake city called
brigham young cake.
i must say, it always gets good reviews.
chocolate cake, real whipping cream center
and chocolate frosting.
it is cool and refreshing in the summer and the perfect ending to a great meal accompanied with a strong cup of coffee. 

caitlin was the only child able to come for dinner on  dad's day.

[ honey it is your your eyes... ]
and of course all the dogs were here.

sadie even felt the need to help eric clean up his mustache :)
makes me smile to see wendell lovingly look at caitlin,
they make such a nice pair.
and then their is sam thinking " lady just take the picture".

we did have a meal that was out of this world !
slow cooked ribs
homemade beans { thank you down to earth }
and the sweetest home grown lettuce.

yum yum

cute blue dot vintage glasses with homemade orange 
all in all it was a wonderful slow father's day 
we missed our two children that weren't there, but as always they were in our thoughts and prayers.


Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh Eileen, that meal looks delicious. The rest looks good that even I could wait for the cake. What a treat. Where did you say the cake was from? Did I miss the link? The roses on the side are so beautiful and I need to make your cordial.

What a beautiful family. All that's missing in the photo is you.

Terrie Sandelin said...

That cake looks so yum!! And I love the family and dog photos.

Kyle said...

I would have started the meal with your chocolate cake!


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