Sunday, November 27, 2011



I am taking an online photoshop class.
E bought me Elements 9, two years ago and I am just now taking a class on how to use it.
Am I a procrastinator?

Me [photoshop]
I'm not sure if I thought photoshop would really change my looks. Kinda like when I go to get my hair cut/done, for some bizarre reason I think I will come out looking better,best,great. At least 15 years younger and 30 pounds lighter.
I wonder if it because I believe those magazines I read at the hospital that people leave lying around,
You know the ones...
loose 45 pounds by 7am tomorrow morning...
look 30 years younger by using this amazing product.
Yes I read those goofy magazines and so want to believe them too !
Any who, I'm not sure what photos I like better, the SOC or the photoshop pictures.

One thing for sure this teacher likes photos a wee bit over exposed.
But who am I to question....
I know nadda about this stuff.
What do you think?


Kyle said...

What does SOC mean? I like the last one of Caitlin Photoshopped. The colors are brighter and more contrast. When you figure out how to make us look thinner and younger, you'll be a photo genius.

Unknown said...

I'm with Kyle, what is SOC?

Eileen said...

Sorry it is SOOC means straight out of camera

Unknown said...

Oh, ok. I like the photoshop(ed) better. You can tweak the colors and tones.


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