Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am sooooo excited.
This is what came in the mail today.
Nikon 7000
I love this lens 18-105mm
[ the above picture is off the Nikon site]
 I am charging this baby's battery as I type.
To bad I have to be back at the hospital in a couple of hours and have no time to play with this baby today...
but tomorrow 
after a little sleep
Oh My


Julie said...


Alica said...

Now you'll have to come back to PA and take some more pictures! :) Have fun with your new toy! (and say hello to Aunt Alice for me!)

Angie said...

Oh I am JEALOUS---of that camera AND Sam and Sadie. They are the most adorable little things EVER---well, since my Dewey and Badger, both across the Rainbow Bridge now. My heart still ratchets up several notches when I seen black and tans. I now have my adorable Bayley (pure-bred long-haired) and Marlee (wienie mix rescue). I noticed that you are cooking for them. I've done some of that for mine too. Would you mind sharing what you are cooking for your two. Bayley has a weight issue along with TONS of allergies (as in shots every week now). I'm constantly looking for new 'menus' to try.


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