Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We have this FAT squirrel that has been hanging out in the front yard.
I had never had a squirrel that has eaten my pumpkins before this year.
Bless his tiny heart he did wait till after Halloween.
I would like to introduce to you

This guy is getting fat on this pumpkin.
Everybody {everything living thing}
needs to eat..

Just look at that belly roll !
Makes me smile from ear to ear !
Lucky Rocky has spent days getting into this pumpkin and his reward was a whole lot of pumpkin seeds.
I have been watching and trying to get some pictures of my little friend
and this morning I snuck up on him real quiet 
and got him.

He saw me there fairly quickly and off he ran across the street to his tree.
I am surprise by how fast Lucky Rocky can move with all that weight he is caring.
Lucky Rocky has no family to help eat the pumpkin or he has tied them all to the tree so they can't get to the pumpkin.
 I have not seen any other squirrel around but this guy.
He is LUCKY   

Lucky Rocky is rather cute.
FAT but cute.
I believe this guy will be putting on enough weight to wait out the long winter.


Julie said...

better Lucky Rocky putting on that weight than me!

Angie said...

Oh he is the cutest little fella!! I would feed him pumpkins and let him grow more fat if he were here...:D And I can send you my snail mail addy if ya wanna send me one of those quilts in the previous post ;) ......I'm in love with that pattern AND those fabrics.


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