Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I came home from work yesterday around 4pm and this is what my street looked like.
Lots of down trees waiting for the city to come and remove them.
The sky beginning to look ominous,
yet cool.
I went back to the hospital at 9:45pm
after a very quick nap.

Leaving the hospital, I came out into this winter wonderland.
Sure wish I had worn my boots!
The snow was getting deep
and my feet were getting wet from all the water under the snow.
Not to mention my feet were COLD.
I had to scrape my car of snow,
and some how my car lost its window scraper, [ kids ]
so I made one out of hospital dinner plates.
Yes I am keeping my little invention in the car until I see my roses blooming again.
The mother of invention works very very well.
I will share my instructions for the " window scraper" with all who are interested.
However you must find your own hospital to "borrow" dinner plates from.

Upon arriving home Mr.P [ my steady Eddie ] was in the driveway shoveling so I could just swing my motor vehicle into the garage.
But I didn't want to put the motor car in the garage because it was covered in snow.
I was kinda surprise I was not pulled over,
the car could have been mistaken for a moving igloo
without license plates.
So Mr.P cleaned my motor igloo until it looked like a respectable vehicle
and into the garage we rolled.
The End
I am getting punchy [ silly in a manic way ]
so I am going to bed.
Enjoy your day,
and the snow 
if you live in my neck of the hills.

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Kyle said...

So far no branches down. Enjoy your snow day.


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